Server Crach 4-22 to 5-20-14

Below is a simple description of what happened.

5/16/14 – Took possession of new Super Server on Weds. This was a week later than I thought. Anyway, progress is moving better than expected. I don’t want to open website access to anything until 95% functioning. More soon.

5/2/14 – Any photos taken between 5/1/13 thru 4/22/14 are now online. The slideshows are operating as well. To access photos, use the link: (where mlsnumber is the actual mls number). This is just a quick fix until full site comes back online.

4/27/14 – The suggested remedies for a quick fix to these problems are no longer an option. All of them say “There is a good chance you will lose the data on you hard drive if this fix fails”. We have backups from the day before we went down, but without being able to view that data and configurations, Dana would have to remember what he did 6 years ago. He needs to see what he did on the old server to build the new one to specs. Therefore we are waiting on a couple new 2014 servers and associated software to get back to what we were. In the meantime, use the form above to get the best real estate photography in the area.

4/24/14 – I know what happened to the server now. I had been trialing some network backup strategies(in case of something like this). I removed the trial program as instructed, then re-booted. That’s when I got the blue screen of death. Searched the error codes and they said the master boot record was corrupt. Using the windows install disk, I repaired the bad record and the computer booted. Everything worked except the web service. The file permissions for anyone but the administrator seemed to be wrong on both hard drives. That’s about 2 million files. So I re-did boot drive with a backup from friday and monday. The file permissions were what they were supposed to be. Drive D looked ok too. That’s the drive with all the photos and website programming. But the web service still had permission issues. Fearing to re-boot as I should after a restore, I researched the problems all night and found that there were 2 hidden files in the master boot record registered to the so called “best backup software in the world”. Not only that, thousand of cases of this problem were reported in IT blogs, all had installed the same software. I removed the files and cleaned all reference to them from the registry and went to bed.

At about 6 this morning, I went to office and re-booted the server. As Windows was starting up, it said it needed to run chkdsk on D drive. I think this is good news. From what I read as it was repairing the drive, the permissions were corrupt. It is now restoring permissions to defaults. Being a 1 terabyte drive, this will take a long time. I’ll probably have to manually restore the needed permissions when the chkdsk is finished. That will take a long time too. Could still be down a couple days.

The good news is I am confident I will get this back online since I know what caused this. Never use any product from Acronis!!!

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