How I Operate


All orders can and must be placed online. Please place order online and call me if you need to or have a problem.

New orders go directly to my “To Be Scheduled Box”; I will schedule


I will call you or the home owner directly to set appointment

NEW orders will usually be contacted late that afternoon

NEW order placed after 5 pm will be contacted the next day

Vacant homes will be set in the first available slot

Day photography hours are from 9am – 5pm; all other times are at special request


I will call if they will be more than 15 min late or 15 min early

I always rings bell and knocks first before entering any property

I will turn on and off all lights and off any fans

I will adjust any window treatments to the optimum position. I will leave them in that position unless it is requested they are all closed again.

I will only do minimal staging; please be ready (Staging Notes)

Usually the interior will be photographed first while adjusting the window treatments for the exterior

Rear Exterior photos are taken next with the front last. (Staging Notes)

I use a ladder to get the best perspective on all Exterior Photos

Usually the laundry room, closets and garage will not be photographed; unless requested

Please put all pets outside or in another area during photography session with some exceptions


Photos and Virtual Tours will be edited and processed the following day; usually 24 hrs

All photos are indivdualy edited and enhanced ensuring consistant quality control while maintaining

First Sold Photo Takes Over:

You will receive email notification the editing is complete.

You will be promted to select the photos that will be uploaded to and others

You will be promted to select photos for your brochures if needed.

You will be promted to edit your listings public comments ( or add NEW comments to your brochure.

You may download your listing photos from our website. We use ZIP files to package these for download. Highest Resolution (print) to lowest (web) is avalible.

After photo selection our system will automatically upload the media to and others. Pre-MLS orders will upload upon activation.

Old photos will be overridden by our upload.

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