Staging for Photography

Visibility reduced to a minimum:

Mail, papers, magazines, anything with labels

Holiday Decorations

ALL personal items

Remote Controllers

Play Stations and X-Boxes


Paper Shredders

Visible Cords of any type

Medicine, shampoo, soap, sponges, scrubbers

Used rags or towels

Clothing and/or overfilled hampers

Bathroom Rugs

Weight Scales

Pictures on refrigerator

Items on top of refrigerator

Non-decorative spices

Drying Racks

Paper Towels

Portable fans, air conditioners, humidifiers & dehumidifiers

Snoring and/or Breathing Machines

High Chairs

Kids Toys

Potty Trainers

Dog/Cat Beds

Dog/Cat Toys

Dog/Cat Bowls

Litter Boxes

Bird Cages

Pools toys

Pool Floats

Basketball nets

Yard equipment

Trash Cans

Cars, Boats, and trailers

 Things to have ready:

All interior bulbs should be working (photographer turn them on and off)

Blinds and/or shutters slightly up from level (photographer will adjust)

Fish Tank Lights “ON”

Beds made w/ pillows fluffed

Fold Toilet paper end or remove roll

Yard Mowed within a week

Mulch beds

Prune Hedges & Trees

Clean Pool

Remove Polaris/Skimmer

Run “Water Features”

Garage door closed

Clean Roof

Blow off decks

Night Shot Special Instructions:

Check pool lights; repair if needed

Check all exterior lights; repair if needed

Photo session is 15 minutes after “Sunset” be ready!

Have “ON” any lights in rooms with windows

Blinds and/or shutters slightly up from level

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