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How do I select the photos to include in the presentation I requested?

Answer: There are 2 ways to login to First Sold Photo: 1 – An email is sent to you when photos are available for selecting with a link that logs you in automatically. 2 – Go to and login as normal.

Step 1: Your “Dashboard” will list the properties in production. Click the “Select” link for photos. Alternatively, go to the “Listing/Media” page and select the property.

Step 2: You will be presented with this page to select photos to post to HAR and others.

The Photo Boxes
Loading the Boxes – Any photos you add or change to your Red “Target Box” selections can be over-ridden by clicking one of the RED Menu Bars at the TOP of the page.
Use the BLUE Menu Bars at the TOP of the page to load photos into the Blue “Source Box”.
Changing Your Photo Selection
Warning – do not use your back button when inserting or deleting photos from your selection.
Loading the RED Box – to change your Photo Selections, click the link “Click Here to LOAD RED BOX” or use one of the RED Menu bars at the TOP of the page to prepare your RED “Target Box”.
Deleting a Photo – click the Photo to Remove or click the “X” at the bottom left of the Photo.
Inserting a Photo Step 1 – click the INSERT Bar to the left of the Photo positioned where your New Photo should be. A BLANK space will appear in the Red Box.
Inserting a Photo Step 2 – click the Photo from the Blue “Source Box” to fill the inserted space.
Photo Inserted – the Photo from the Blue “Source Box” fills the blank space in the Red “Target Box”. Repeat these Steps as necessary to complete your changes. Uploads to websites will end at the first “blank” photo space, so make sure to fill the space with another photo.
Final Step – click the SUBMIT Button to save your selection. Be sure to pay attention to any “checkboxes” above the button.
Adding Photos – To ADD a photo to your collection, scroll to the bottom of the BLUE BOX, click the link that says “Click here to upload new photo”.


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