Turn Around Timeline

When will I get the media(photos)?

Answer: A TYPICAL TIMELINE – This example may help you understand how long it may take before your photography order is completed.

  • Day 1: Place the order online
  • Evening 1: Photographer or scheduler reviews the queue giving priority to when the properties were ordered. A second parameter may be the geographic area the property.
  • Evening 1, Evening 2, Evening 3: Photographer contacts you or client to schedule the session.
  • Day 2, Day 3 or Day 4 or Day 5: Media appointment completed.
  • Night 2, Night 3 or Night 4 or Night 5: Photographer edits and organizes media
  • Day 3 or Day 4 or Day 5 or Day 6: Photographer uploads photos to First Sold Photo. First Sold Photo processes media and alerts you to vew and select media to distribute to websites and use for print.

Note:  Once photos have been taken, Sellers will ask when the photos will be ready to use. Do not give them a definitive answer. Reply to them like this instead:  “I don’t know, there are many steps to optimizing the photos they took. We have to be patient about this in order to get the best exposure we can.”

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