Posting Photos and Media

Who posts photos and media to HAR and

Answer: First Sold Photo will post the selected photos and media presentation to the HAR TEMPO system.

Important Point: By posting to the above System, your media will be included in IDX distributions to thousands of other real estate related websites.

I have not entered a listing into the MLS system yet. I ordered photography and have been notified that photos are in the First Sold Photo system. How do I enter my listing into MLS and include these photos simultaneously?

Answer: When you received your email notification that photos were ready, you were instructed to select the ones to use for HAR. Assuming that you have already made those selections, you can go to the First Sold Photo Property Page and download a ZIP file of the photos as selected. The photos in the ZIP file are already optimized to maximum HAR specifications. You can then upload these photos to your inactive listing so the photos are available upon activation.

Alternative Answer: If you have completed the photo selections for posting, you can go to the FSP Property Page immediately after obtaining your MLS number for the property and enter it as directed on the page. A notification will transmit a request for activating the photos and media presentation for the new MLS number. First Sold Photo will then post the photos and media presentation to HAR.

Important Note: Because this process requires a human being to be available at the First Sold Photo computer network, actual time before posts appear will vary. Sometimes it occurs within minutes, others a few hours. Listings activated after 5 PM will not appear until the next morning. Listing activated after 9 AM will not appear until early evening. Somebody is usually available to initiate these posting on weekends as well.

I want to post link to other websites. Where do I find Links to post?

Answer: Login to your Real Estate Agent page on First Sold Photo. Navigate to the listing page. Then click the link that says “View Slideshow and Links” under the heading “Photos on the First Sold Photo System”. Special links for QR Codes are available.

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