Ordering Photography

How do I make an order for professional photography?

Answer: Click the link “Order Professional Photography”, after entering the “Real Estate Agent” Network. If your property is in MLS prior to today, it should be listed as such. Select the listing you want to order photography for. If the property is not listed on the page, use the “Non-MLS Photography Order” section of the page. As you answer the questions on the resulting form, the page will list what you are ordering and the price associated with the options you select.

IMPORTANT POINT: You are not committing yourself to anything unless you click the “Place This Order” Button.

Remember, our photographers operate independent businesses. Prices, packages and options are determined by the photographer you select. We cannot compare prices of photographers because procedures, packages and features are too varied for accurate reporting. Review the Photographer in the menu above before beginning your order.

This property is in MLS, but the First Sold Photo system does not list it as a selection. What gives?

Answer: As an independent service to Realtors, First Sold Photo manually updates the list and details of MLS properties of our “currently active” members. Properties entered into MLS today are available within an hour.

Ordering by Phone:

During normal business hours, you can place phone orders by calling 936-228-0888. To place an order you need to provide this information:

  • Package your are ordering (economy or premium)
  • Options such as night shots
  • Address of property
  • Zipcode of property
  • Alarm and/or gate codes
  • Is a Supra box or Combo box on the property
  • Is the property occupied
  • Who to contact for appointment (agent or owner)
  • Contact’s phone number and preferably email if contact is owner
  • Special instructions or comments

If you are answered by voice mail, leave as much of this information as you can. We will contact you to confirm or discuss the placement of your order.

If your question or inquiry does not belong to one of the topics above, please enter your question or comment in our information contact form.

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